Friday, November 9, 2007

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Plus Nine Days

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Total Knee Replacement

Full meal deal for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast – that’s what I’m talkin’ about. You can’t recover from major surgery on porridge and soy milk. At least, I don’t think I can. Lynn is so indulgent of me. Fortunately, that’s just what I need.

I slacked off on the exercises on Friday. I can feel the difference today. Weird. It’s almost as if, after your knee surgery, you need to do at least two sessions a day, just to maintain where you are strength and flexibility wise. Then you need that last session to make some progress. If you skip one, session, you stagnate. If you skip two, you fall behind and now have to catch up. I resolve not to miss any more exercise periods. I want this knee replacement to have been for something good. I have the uneasy feeling that what you do in the first couple of months after recovery has a lot to do with how things ultimately turnout.

I get a phone call from Malcolm’s son. They are going to come up and I should see them about 1:00 PM. I discuss my need for a wireless network and troubleshooting. Mark will pick up what is needed and I will settle up with him when he gets here. I suggest he bring up his Dad. No problem, that was part of the plan.

Lynn takes off for another trip to visit some horses that sound promising. I don’t expect her back until close to supper time. On my own again. But by now I am quite handy at getting around. Time for a shower. I’m expecting company.

A few delays for Malcolm and Mark to get here. Oh well, not like I was scurrying around cleaning and primping, waiting for them. And I didn’t bake a cake. When they arrive it’s great. I’ve never met Mark, and Malcolm’s never been to this house. A little chit chat then down to work. Playing host is a bit tougher when you can’t move very much. Here they are to do me a favour, and for thanks they get to be directed around by me. Go get that chair, no the cupboard to your right, yeah, under the counter etc. They are both gracious guests and everything moves right along.

Mark knows his stuff and after a while Malc and I leave him downstairs while we migrate back upstairs, closer to the coffee. We have a nice chat about what he’s doing, what I’ve been doing and we talk about the knee replacement and the physiotherapy and flexibility exercises.

Lynn gets back and Malc and Mark are still here, so that works out nicely. We all sit and chat for a bit. Then Mark comes up, defeated. There definitely seems to a problem with satellite modem. He ran into a few other problems. He also spent some time on the phone with the xplornet tech support folks. It looks like we are going to have to wait for them to resolve their issues before moving forward. Mark stays and we all visit for a bit, then he and his Dad go. Almost seven o’clock. They decline a supper invitation and are gone.

A nice visit and I feel somewhat vindicated for not being able to resolve the internet access problems myself. I mean, we always want to get our problems fixed, but it is ever so much better when somebody doesn’t come along and go “Here’s the problem. It wasn’t plugged in.” I prefer my problems to be true technical dilemmas that require high level consultations and possibly the construction of whole new infrastructures with technologies just now being invented by rocket scientists at some skunk works somewhere.

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