Thursday, November 1, 2007

Total Knee Replacement _ Surgery Plus Five Days

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Total Knee Replacement

We both have a tough night. I did more in 1 day, yesterday, than in the previous 5 combined. My knee feels like it this morning. In addition I had to get up and hit the bathroom a couple of times in the night. I reveled in my freedom from urinals until I started pushing my walker across the plywood floor. (We pulled up the white shag carpet the previous owners laid down and have the Peruvian Cherry hardwood downstairs, but there’s been no time to install it). The walker sounded like a train of grocery carts going over a badly repaired concrete road bed. I woke Lynn up for each trip to the can. So she didn’t get much more sleep than I did, and she has to get up at 06:30 to get ready for work.

Today’s a day for watching movies, reading and starting Season 1 of Deadwood (thanks Trevor).

Lynn is dead beat when she gets home. She calls on her way home and I suggest a ready made barbecued chicken from the grocery store and a salad. She is all over that. And so am I once she prepares it. So this is what Oliver meant when he sang “Food, Glorious Food!”

I cut back to one Tylenol 3 a couple times today, but started the day with two and elect to end the day with the same dose. My knee feels well used by the time the day is done, and even though I am throwing a towel-wrapped bag of frozen beans on it after each exercise session, it still seems more swollen by bedtime than it was in the morning.

The day doesn’t end smoothly. A tremendous downpour and thunderstorm, just before midnight and again at about 4:00 AM. On one lightning strike the flash and sound are virtually simultaneous. That means it was within a few hundred feet of the house, if not closer. I look outside but can’t see any smoking craters, and didn’t hear the sound of a tree coming down, so maybe we are alright.

Total Knee Replacement

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