Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Plus Seven Days

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Total Knee Replacement

Bright and early, 7:00 AM, here’s the nurse from the blood services lab to sample my blood. They need to check how the cuomadin is working to sort the dosage rate out. The samples they took in the hospital aren’t sufficient. These people are so proficient. I guess after 10,000 needle sticks you get pretty smooth.

Both Lynn and I slept the sleep of the dead last night. My leg isn’t too bad considering the workout it got yesterday. I am sleeping with it propped up on pillows at night. I think it helps keep the swelling down, maybe even helps it drain a little through the night. I am still wearing the stocking and I think it is helping. I do take it off every day or so, just to give my little toes a chance to flutter in the air. I am not sure that stocking was designed for feet and legs the size that I carry around.

I call up my good buddy Malcolm at work. His son has a computer service on wheels thing going part time. It was me that gave Malcolm that idea, to pass along to his son, who was working as a help desk guy for an ISP. He is doing pretty well with it and this is a great opportunity for him to say thanks for the idea.

That’s all set. Malc’s son will call me back and set up a time on the weekend to check out my end of the computer/internet connection

I try calling the xplornet people and get a very helpful and pleasant young woman from Fredericton. She walks me through the boot process I have already used. Lynn is assisting because the modem is up on top of the bookcase and awkward for me to get to. I’m the phone link to Fredericton, she is the hands on. I missed a “static discharge procedure” in my efforts on Wednesday. Our Tech person guides us through. Eventually we lose cell phone contact. But we do get internet connection going.

Lynn runs upstairs to check her computer. No connection there. An hour of screwing around ensues, switching cables, redoing everything again. No luck. And the internet seems god-awful slow. It takes 7 minutes to download three email messages. I give up. Tomorrow the regular phone lines will be back and I will try again.

It’s funny how exhausted I get, just doing a little bit of moving around. I am still only one week out of total knee replacement surgery so I guess it is to be expected.

Total Knee Replacement

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