Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gym Work

I mentioned in an earlier post that I play basketball...not highly competitive, but oldtimers, as is appropriate for a 62 year old :-). I don't care that much about winning, but I DO like to perform as well as I can so I have started getting ready 3 months before the season begins. I am going to a great gym in Cobourg, Ontario called Fitness Frenzy (love the name) run by Becky Deremo. Becky has won regional natural bodybuilding competitions and has been a personal trainer for 9 years...very competent and knowledgeable.

The gym isn't huge, but it also isn't crowded. It has everything you need to accomplish pretty much anything you want in the bodybuilding/fitness arena. My specific goal is to get in shape for basketball and also to improve my vertical jump. I'm going to measure the best of three attempts to see the maximum height I can reach, and then we can revisit it in about three months, when the basketball season begins. We will find out just what kind of impact regular training can have on a knee replacement recipients performance, and in particular a 62 year old's performance.

Check back in periodically and check out my improvement (I hope) in weight lifted and repetitions.

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