Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Total Knee Replacement - Surgery Minus 50 Days

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Total Knee Replacement

I finally get a call the first week in August. September 20th was going to be the big day. Good enough. I let them know at work. I have no clue how long I will be off. I didn’t bother asking in my first visit with Dr. Blastorah. But a total knee replacement would have to require what…4 to 5 weeks recovery time wouldn’t you think? Once the decision was made, I became strangely uncurious. I don’t spend hours pouring over the Stryker website, reading up about knee replacement procedures, or their artificial knee, the Stryker Triathlon.

I have found a location, during some non-serious cruising, where you can see the whole process illustrated, with video footage right there, streaming on the website:

Not for me. I’m not particularly squeamish, but now I’ve decided to get it done, I don’t need the gory details. I mean it truly is kind of freaky to think about them cutting the end right off one bone, capping it with a new artificial end, and fitting a matching piece onto the end of your other leg bone. The less imagining, the better, as far as I am concerned.

You can find an interactive cartoon version of the process at:

Very easy to understand explanations for the whole procedure.

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